The Royal College of Radiologists

Dr Tom Roques
Dr Hannah Tharmalingam

The Royal College of Physicians / The Association of Cancer Physicians

Dr Ruth Board (RCP) - CHAIR, 2019
Dr Janine Mansi (ACP)

British Oncology Pharmacy Association

Ms Pinkie Chambers - CHAIR, 2021
Ms Netty Cracknell - CHAIR, 2021

Royal College of Pathologists

Dr Tim Littlewood - CHAIR, 2020
Prof Gordon Cook - CHAIR, 2020

UK Oncology Nursing Society

Ms Lisa Barrott
Dr Catherine Oakley

Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

Dr Denise Bonney
Dr David Hobin

Secretariat BOPA

Mr Hasan Kobat

Co-opted members

Dr Catherine Bale (Wales)
Dr Martine Bomb (PHE SACT Dataset Team representative)
Dr Pippa Corrie (Cancer Clinical Specialty Lead, National Institute for Health Research)
Prof David Dodwell (Chemotherapy Clinical Information Group, Public Health England)
Alia Nizam (Lead Pharmacist)
Dr Anne Rigg (Chair, Chemotherapy Clinical Reference Group)
Prof Nicholas Reed (Scotland)
Dr Paula Scullin (Northern Ireland)
Mrs Edna Young (Lay representative)